Company standards

1. We undertake to perform recruitment services as hiring, selection and placement of seafarers on board ships of foreign owners in accordance with the applicable national and international legislation assuming responsibility for the quality and period of their completion.

2. The entire process of providing recruitment services is performed for free and direct, indirect, full, partial or other kind of fee payment by the work seeking person is not allowed. The seafarer’s only expenses are for acquisition of legitimate personal documents, the national seafarer passport and passport for travelling abroad or other similar personal documents for travelling or from the checklist for the necessary ones for applying. Providing the recruitment service is performed in full clearness, adequacy, cooperation and timely informed seafarers by the firm’s employees.

3. We are obliged to be polite, kind and helpful to every client of the intermediary service, which we provide.

4. We undertake to listen to your requests and worries and treat them carefully and be concerned with your problems.

5. We undertake to keep all data, inquiries and complaints confidential.

6. We undertake to be on professional terms with our clients while not taking subjective attitude, sticking to the principles of equality and not allowing in any way under any form the seafarers to be exploited or force in any way by the personnel of the firm in connection with the occupation finding.

7. We undertake to provide you with the necessary information concerning the selection and work hire in full form in clear and accessible way.

8. We undertake that the time to wait for receiving information, processing your documents will not exceed 20 minutes.

9. If your inquiries are out of our competence, we undertake request answers from the ship owners whose ships you could work on and inform you timely.

10. Everybody can receive information concerning the provided services by LIL-12 Ltd. as the approximate cost of documents which the firm needs to prepare in connection with the work recruitment while: seafarer’s and international passport, medical certificate, courses etc. on 052 335 455, 335 503, at and at the information desks.

11. We undertake to measure the satisfaction of our clients, to seek your offers, comments, praise and complaints, which you can send to our e-mail, through the questionnaires, which we provide you or in a particular inquiry at the offices of the firm and undertake the necessary action to increase it.

12. We undertake to analyze your offers, comments, praise and complaints and to undertake the respective actions to improve your service as to bear in mind your offers for addition and/or change in the provided information, which you have marked in our survey.

13. We provide the same access to our services and are obliged to provide equal relation to every candidate for recruiting them on a ship, regardless of their social status, education, gender, age, ethical belonging or religious beliefs.

14. We provide clear, easily understood, full and precise information, explanations and samples, satisfying the needs of the seafarer seeking employment.

15. We undertake to perform a check on complaints which have received from you in connection with the service performed by us and inform you of its results.

16. We undertake to make a written response to every application and/or complaint which has been sent in written form by you in connection with poor administration within 14 days of receiving (except in cases when a more detailed check is necessary).