Selection & recruitment

Recruitment process for new applicants starts with submitting to  a candidate the format of LIL-12 Ltd. application form for sea staff, no matter if the applicant is responding to an employment add, posted on internet, or if he is just looking to record his application to our data base for any future employment.

Upon receiving  the seaman application form, each applicant will be assessed for his relevant experience against Principals/Client crew selection criteria, and if MD or CM considers him suitable for employment, the schedule for an interview and evaluation tests at LIL-12 Ltd. office during working hours will be arranged.

As a good recruitment  tool computer based evaluation test type SETS, developed by Seagull, and/or Marlins test are used. Verbal interview is also carried out.

In addition all applicants, considered as suitable for employment by LIL-12, are checked for their references by local crewing agent and/or vessel’s crew management.