The management has made provisions for adequate crew training according to Ship Managers/Owner’s requirements as follows:


  • Use of approved or accepted shore based training facilities or training programmes;
  • Motivating seafarers to improve and update their qualifications related to their present position on board;
  • Encouraging seafarers to improve and up-grade their current qualification;
  • Ensuring where necessary that documented procedures for on board familiarization with ship’s machinery, equipment and systems are provided before taking responsibility onboard.

Monitoring of training program:

MD and/or CM will evaluate the effectiveness of the training program.

The major factors to be analysed are:

– total numbers of trainees inducted

– total number of trainees completed necessary sea time for examinations

– total number of trainees passed examinations

– number of attempts made by trainees to pass examination

– total number of trainees who rejoined the Company after obtaining their certificate

– total number of trainees who left our Company without completing sea time and reasons thereof

– total number of trainees who left our Company after obtaining their certificates and reasons thereof.

– confidential reports from vessels after the trainees return on board as certificated officers.