Quality Policy

The management of “LIL-12” Ltd. conducts a Quality Policy, which is announced, understood, applied and maintained by the company’s staff, and oriented towards meeting the requirements and expectations of customers.

The Quality Policy is in accordance with the mission of “LIL-12” Ltd. to be a leading company in the professional selection, training, recruitment and placement of seafarers on ships. The aspiration of the Management is the company to carry out its main activity in the changing business environment, maintaining and expanding its market position, to strive to fully meet customer requirements through high quality, efficiency and transparency of services and thus maintain the authority of the company as a reliable labor intermediary and partner.

The policy of “LIL-12” Ltd. on quality is based on the following basic principles: process and systematic approach to management, customer focus, leadership and commitment, involvement of people, continuous improvement of processes, decision-making based on facts and analysis, of data and information and after the implementation of actions for managing the risks and opportunities and unity of the set goals:

  • continuous research and satisfaction of customer requirements and expectations in order to offer an intermediary service with the expected good quality;
  • improving the quality of the offered service and expanding the market presence of the company by negotiating good working conditions with the shipowners and providing highly qualified and motivated staff;
  • efficiency, competence and flexibility in carrying out the intermediary activity in compliance with the requirements of international regulations, trends in merchant shipping and the needs of corporate clients – shipowners and shipping agents;
  • increasing the operational and economic efficiency of the organization;
  • satisfying the needs of the company’s staff by assessing the knowledge, skills and work performance, providing ongoing training to maintain qualifications and stimulating their activity and initiative

These main goals in the developed Quality Management System are achieved by continuous improvement of the performed activities:

  • knowledge and observance of the applicable national and international legislation for conducting intermediary activity;
  • satisfying the requirements and gaining the client’s trust by providing accurate, complete, competent and verified information;
  • reliable and competent provision of the services in compliance with the applicable legislation and the specific requirements of its partners, providing the requested information and taking appropriate action within operational deadlines and in an appropriate form;
  • competent selection of staff and application of modern methods and good practices for assessment of qualification, skills and professional suitability;
  • maintaining a secure and reliable environment for work and protection of data from external encroachment and cyber attacks;
  • constantly interacts with Bulgarian and international organizations, shipowners, educational and training institutions, etc .;
  • providing competent staff for consulting, information and guidance regarding employment opportunities, the right to qualification;
  • providing our seafarers with good social conditions, comfortable and safe working environment (good working conditions, rest, pay, social program, etc. by accommodating seafarers to work on ships flying the flags of countries that have ratified the MLC 2006), on the one hand, and satisfying the requirements of shipowners by providing timely, at their request, appropriate competent seafarers;
  • providing a favorable working environment in which the company’s employees are motivated for quality performance of their duties;
  • providing the necessary resources, training and effective organization for maintaining and continuously improving the services provided and maintaining the Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2015.