Quality Policy

This is the Agency Policy to establish, implement and maintain a quality management system and to work continuously on its improvement and effectiveness in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 in order to achieve and enhance customers satisfaction exceeding their requirements and responding their requirements.

LIL-12 Ltd Management carries out Quality policy, which is stated, understood, applied and maintained from the Agency employees and is focused on fulfillment customers expectations and requirements.

Quality Policy complies with mission statement of LIL-12 to be amongst leaders in providing professional recruitment, selection and placement of seafarers on board ships foreign shipowners service. The aspiration of the Agency Management is LIL-12 to execute successfully its main activity in fast changing business environment, keeping and expanding  its market position, to strive to fulfill customers and regulatory requirements and expectations with high quality, efficiency and transparency of provided service and thus to establish the authority and  recognition  as reliable labor agent and honest partner .

The Quality Policy is built up on the following basic principles: customer focus, leadership, management commitment, employees involvement, continuous improvement of the processes and entity of the objectives, which the Agency sets and strives continuously to achieve:

  • continuous investigation and satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of the customers in order to provide service with expected quality – on time recruitment, suitable seafarers supplying for certain positions, ensuring the seafarers have all required documents, on time visa arrangements, etc.

  • continuous investigation and compliance with the applicable national and international standards for placement seafarers on board ships, their training and education, carrier development prospects, etc.

  • improvement the quality of provided service and enhancing Agency market position via concluding agreements that underwrite for good  job conditions with the shipowners and placement qualified and motivated seafarers on board their ships

  • activities and resources management as a processes in order to accomplish transparent and efficient recruitment, informing, selection and placement seafarers service

  • effective management of linked activities and resources as processes through rational use of the resources available, continuous work environment improvements – risk assessment, ensuring and maintenance of safe and healthy conditions, financial results increasing

  • active management, devoted to the quality objectives entity, leadership and permanent service quality maintenance environment

  • satisfaction of the employees needs trough assessment of their knowledge, abilities and job performance, continuous training and stimulation of their constructive activity

  • data and information analyses and assessment for reasonable decision making

  • continuous and lasting attraction and keeping involved the seafarers within a process of QMS development and improvement trough their continuous training and education,  carrier development prospects ensuring, encouraging job performance improvement, etc.

These basic objectives of the developed Quality Management System are achieved trough continuous improvement of the activities carried out:

  • recognition and implementation of  the applicable national and international legislation for seafarers recruitment and placement service providing and work on board merchant ships;

  • reliable and competent service providing, complying with the related legislation and customers requirements, supplying the required information in due time and  with the expected content;

  • competent seafarers selection and appliance of  contemporary methods and good working practices for qualification, abilities and professional suitability assessment;

  • customers requirements satisfaction and gaining customer trust trough precise, competent and checked information providing;

  • ensuring competent employees for informing and consulting seafarers for recruitment options, promotional prospects and additional qualification ;

  • ensuring to the recruited seafarers good job conditions, safe working environment, high wages, etc, and shipowners satisfaction trough placement of competent and experienced seafarers on board their ships.

  • ensuring the necessary resources, their training and effective organization for maintenance and continuous improvement of  manning service provided and Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

  • v.3/2017