Company standards

1. We undertake to be polite, kind and responsive to any manpower service customer.

2. We undertake to follow closely your requests and anxieties.

3. We undertake to be anxious to your problems.

4. We undertake to bear responsibility for all provided by you personal data, inquiries, complaints, etc.

5. We undertake to treat professionally any your inquiry not revealing any personal attitude and strongly keeping principles of the same rights and don’t allow in any case and in any form the seafarers to be an object of exploitation by none of the LIL-12 staff.

6. We undertake to provide necessary information in regards to the recruitment, selection and placement seafarers on board ships in details and in accessible and understandable manner.

7. We undertake to give you competent advice to the received requests and inquiries and your application to be processed not later than in 20 minutes.

8. If your inquiries are beyond our competence, we undertake to make some contacts with the shipowners, managers or manning agents on which ships you’d be placed to sail on and to inform you accordingly.

9. Detail information for manpower provision by LIL-12 can be received by phone 052 335 445, 335 503, by mail, and on information board at the office as well.

10. Any of your suggestions for amendment and/or change of the provided information and service placement, which you may complete in the customers questionnaires will be considered and taken into account.

11. We undertake to provide equal service assess and to guarantee the same rights to everyone, looking for manpower provision and placement on board ships, no matter of social status education, gender, age, religion believes, ethnic identity, etc.

12. We undertake to provide clear, comprehensible, detailed and precise information, explanation and samples, that will entirely satisfied requirements of the looking for job at sea seafarer.

13. We undertake to arrange all necessary checks in case of any complaints from your side in regards to the manpower provision by ‘LIL-12’ and to inform you about such investigation results.

14. We look forward for any kind of your proposals, comments, praises and complaints, which can be send by e-mail and to be completed in customers’ satisfaction questionary at the ‘LIL-12’ office.

15. Your suggestions, comments, praises and complaints will be thoroughly analysed and respective corrective actions towards improvements of provided by us services will be taken.

16. We undertake to respond in written to any of your written requests or complaint for ill office administration within 14 days from its receipt (except in cases when detail investigation is needed).

17. We undertake to measure customers’ satisfaction of our clients and to undertake the necessary actions for service improvement.

18. We undertake to perform manpower services to shipowners, managers, agents for recruitment, selection and placement seafarers onboard ships according to the applicable legislation and to be responsible for it quality and timely provision.

19. The whole process of providing mediation services is free and not allow direct, indirect, wholly, partially, or other charges by the job seeker or already approved sailor. The sailor is borne only by the acquisition of personal legal documents, national seaman’s and international passport or similar personal travel documents or necessary documents from checklists for Application. The provision of intermediary services is done in full transparency, adequacy, assistance and timely information for sailors by employees of the company.